Retaining walls

retaining walls

Treated Pine Sleeper Retaining Walls

Treated pine sleeper retaining walls are a cost-effective option that are often used to support an excavated or filled embankment to prevent soil from collapsing and causing property damage.

Treated pine sleeper retaining walls can be constructed in a number of sizes and with a variety of supporting uprights, such as steel or wood, to complement and blend in with any landscape setting.

treated pine sleeper retaining walls

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls and concrete sleeper retaining walls are durable, insect-resistant, and do not rust. A concrete retaining wall is also simple to clean and maintain, as well as reasonably priced.

However, due to additional material costs and labor, the cost of a concrete retaining wall is usually higher than that of a treated pine sleeper retaining wall or a timber retaining wall. Concrete sleepers have the advantage of running in the same line as the posts, which makes them ideal for small and tight spaces.

Concrete and concrete sleepers are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, and they last for decades!

concrete retaining walls

Timber Retaining Walls

While treated pine retaining walls are the most cost-effective option, other types of timber sleepers may also be used to construct a timber retaining wall.

Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Walls, Ironbark Sleeper Retaining Walls, Cypress Sleeper Retaining Walls, Jarrah Sleeper Retaining Walls, Recycled Sleeper Retaining Walls, and Railway Sleeper Retaining Walls are some of the options available.

Each of these provides a different level of ideal application and flexibility in terms of durability, color, and finish. All of them have the beautiful, natural appearance that only wood can provide.

timber retaining walls

Rock Walls

Rock walls are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and natural solutions for many Melbourne properties. 

Gardeners Retaining Wallscan create rock retaining walls that are environmentally friendly and blend in with your property’s natural landscape.

We will assist you in selecting the most suitable rock for your feature rock retaining wall from a variety of different rocks and rock sizes.

Various types of rocks

Gardeners Retaining Walls has worked with a variety of rockwall materials, including Granite, Coldstream, Mudstone, Bluestone, and different forms of rock wall boulders, to create a visually appealing and structurally sound rock retaining wall.

Rock Wall Retaining, rock walls

Gabion Walls

A gabion retaining wall is more than just a bunch of rocks in a basket! Our gabion walls are made up of small or large steel galvanised gabion baskets filled with your choice of rocks or stones, and they give any property a special and stylish look.

Our Gabion walls can be profiled to fit the contours of the land or your specific requirements, in addition to gabion retaining walls, which are an obvious solution for sloping sites and where drainage is necessary. Gabion walls are also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution where erosion is a problem.

Gabion retaining walls and baskets are also a trendy way to help reduce exterior traffic noise and provide a sleek and stylish screen to any home.

gabion baskets, gabion walls, gabian retaining walls

Rendered Blocks

Render block retaining walls can meet the highest design, functionality, and life span requirements thanks to their longevity, simplicity, and style.

Render block walls are common for low-lying walls, garden edging, and areas with undulating terrain due to their versatility in application.

Rendered block walls are available in a range of colors and finishes, as well as angled edging and tiered designs.

rendered block wall

Brick Retaining Walls

Because of their versatility, brick retaining walls are a common option. A straight retaining wall or beautiful gently sloping curves can both be created with bricks.

Brick retaining walls are also common because they are long-lasting and can withstand Melbourne’s humidity and changing weather conditions. They won’t rust, warp, or be harmed by insects or termites.

brick retaining walls