Civil Construction

Excavation is what we do. Earthworks Civil and Construction was founded in 2013 in Echuca, Victoria, and has since expanded to provide a wide range of services, including quality civil construction, excavation, and earthmoving services across Northern Victoria and Southern NSW.
Excavation and bulk earthworks, road and heavy-duty pavement construction, pipeline and channel excavation, and water, sewage, electrical, and communication service installation are some of our facilities.

The company has over 22 years of experience in the construction industry and provides a highly trained operational labor force as well as secure plant and equipment. This ensures that projects are completed to the highest possible standards, on time, and on budget – all while maintaining the highest levels of quality, protection, and environmental stewardship.
We take pride in completing excavation and civil construction projects on schedule and to the highest possible standard.
To discuss your next residential, agricultural, or commercial excavation project, contact Earthworks Civil.

Dirt Removal

Melbourne’s Professional Dirt and Rubbish Removal Services

It can seem that cleaning up the dirt and trash is a simple job. It can, however, take an unexpected amount of time and effort, as well as specialized machinery. You will also face additional difficulties, such as asbestos-contaminated soil, which must be removed by a licensed professional for proper disposal. Since protection is our top priority, we’ll make sure that hazardous chemicals, dirt, and trash are properly disposed of in accordance with WHS regulations.

Our soil and garbage removal services include the following:

Hire specialized equipment for removing trash and dirt soilClean fill supply and disposal

Contaminated products should be disposed of properly.

Cleaning up the site

Emergency and after-hours service are available.


Retaining walls

Are you planning to build a home? Is there a slanting block? Do you have an old wall that needs to be repaired? We can build any size retaining wall for you. We are a licensed contractor who specializes in the construction of walls. We can do any form of construction – wood, block, rock, or concrete – just tell us what you want!

Options for Retaining Walls
Retaining walls come in a variety of designs and materials. Although there are several choices, Lawton Retaining Walls Melbourne will advise and assist you in selecting the best alternative for your house.

We will assist you with three main considerations: your personal interests, the environment, and the load your retaining wall will need to support.

Of course, we will give you an estimate for retaining walls and provide you with a free quote. We use a range of materials depending on the look, feel, and functionality you need as one of Melbourne’s leading retaining wall builders and installers. Retaining walls can increase the value of your home and can be both decorative and practical.

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